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Adorable home is a simulation game full of sweetness and peace but challenging love stories. The content of the Adorable Home Mod APK game revolves around the married life of a young couple.
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Adorable home is a simulation game full of sweetness and peace but challenging love stories. The content of the Adorable Home Mod APK game revolves around the married life of a young couple. The couple formed a real family with their pets. Cats’ in-game make you excited through cute and friendly appearances. For the pet lover, an adorable Home APP is the best choice.

The game is being chosen by many players and is developed by HyperBread. They launched the game with simple and exciting gameplay. The game is considered Hot Trend on famous social networking sites. So, join us to explore more about this game.

Lovely Home, Adorable Gameplay

One of the loveliest games has easy-to-understand and straightforward gameplay, even for a newbie. Even the control of the game is also quite easy. The player needs to tap on buttons to show your screen and move your fingers left-right.

At the start of the game, the player can choose the gender of the character. The most beautiful aspect of the game is that there is no one’s going to judge you, even if you are in a fancy relationship between two male or female characters.

The new chapter of the game is moving to a new home in the suburbs with an adorable cat and your partner. So it is going to be a little bit challenging but rewarding. You have to stay at home and take care of your partner and pets.

Adorable home is a challenging game but doesn’t worry; you will have plenty of relaxing moments in this game.


The Mod version of the game adds a lot of accessible features. Let’s explore these unique features in this article.

Select Your Partner

Entering an adorable game, you have to choose your partner with whom you will spend your entire life in this tiny home. The game will present many characters with unique looks. Choose wisely and get ready for a thrilling adventure. Choosing a couple is simple but special because it has a great influence and meaning in the future. Additionally, you can customize each character with a distinct style. All the characters of the game reflect real life in the virtual world. Moreover, the game honors the LGBT community, and many players worldwide love it.

Write Your Own Love Story

After choosing the couple, your story starts with moving to a new little house with your pet name snow. Here you begin a new life with your partner without any interruption. Every morning, your partner goes out to work, and you have to stay at home to take care of your pet, home, and partner. It looks simple, but the game is a little bit challenging. Try it in the game.

Decorate a Dream Home

When you move to a new house, you have to decorate it. Because new home does not have much, just including, TV, Sofa, Rug, and a coffee table. It looks empty and does not has enough facilities. So, to decorate your home, you have to buy more furniture and an unlocked garden with Love. But in Adorable Home Mod APK, all these are free.

Take Care of Your Partner

Be a good partner by taking care of your partner. You have to take care of your home and also your pets. Every morning your partner goes out for work, you have to prepare bento boxes for him. You have to buy food from the shop using Love to prepare this. If your partner likes your food, you will get more Love.

Take Care of Adorable Pets

Pets are more adorable and need your care. There are three types of care for pets.

Nail cutting

Cutting a pet’s nails is a very challenging task because their paws are always moving. You have to cut carefully. If you hurt your little cat, it will be angry.


Some cats do not like to take a bath. You can adjust the water temperature for the cat’s bath in the game. Although, bathing a cat is the most challenging task in the game.


It is a pretty simple task. You have to choose the right place and posture to stroke that likes your cat. Moreover, you can buy more cats for your home.

Love is a Currency of Game

The currency of the game is Love. Through Love, you can buy anything in this game. The Love you can get by taking care of pets, watching TV and video ads, and preparing food.

Amazing Graphics and Sounds

The unique animation style, amazing graphics, and real sounds are the key aspects of the game of its massive success. Because of its graphics, it gave you a real home experience. Moreover, the sounds are so relaxing.

Adorable Home Tips

  • Keep feeding your pets.
  • Watch video ads for extra Love.
  • Prepare the bento box.
  • Keep more cats at first.

Mod Features

  • You can get unlimited Love in the Mod version.
  • Unlocked all features.

How to Install Adorable Home Mod APK on Android?

  • Click the download button.
  • Go to setting.
  • Allow the third party.
  • Install the game.

The game is installed. You can enjoy the fantastic game.

Adorable Home for PC

If you want to download an adorable home apk for PC, the blue stacks app is the best to play this android game on your PC. For IOS, download games from the Apple Play Store and enjoy the unique game.

Download Adorable Home Mod APK

Adorable home is a relaxing simulation game with a lot of entrainment movements. Download the game for Android, Tablet, IOS, Pc, and smartphones, and enjoy.

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Is Adorable Home inappropriate?

No, the game is not inappropriate. It is LGBTQ and friendly. Moreover, the game is about partner inside their home. It may be unsuitable for children.

Are there children in this APK?

No, but the developer announced that he would update the version, and in the latest version, they also have their babies in the home.

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